The biggest project you will ever work on is yourself. Unfortunately most focus on working on everything else save for themselves.
Try and build some value around yourself. That thing that will pull people towards you. This thing that will make others believe in you, what your trying to do for yourself and those around you.

I come from a fairly small background. If I were to collect those I regard as my relatives they would not fill up a taxi van.We arent a rich family neither are we connected. When In left home at 18 I did this with that reality at the back of my mind and set out to build. I told my self, am going out to build enough value that will feed me, my family and every one that comes after me.

A few weeks ago I had a supply to make and was short by 10M. I looked around and wondered who I’d call. Finally it dawned on me, I had one option and that was my partenal aunt who has raised me as her son in the absence of my parents (R.I.P). My aunt has some little money of her own. At this stage she qualifies to be called the most successful in our small family unit. All my life whenever I’ve wanted money from what seemed the only likely source my aunt her response has always been I don’t have money and it’s what I expected this time around.

To my surprise for the first time in my adult life my aunt gave me 10M without asking any questions.Ofcourse I had explained to her why I needed the money. I made the supply and await pay sometime next week. So out of curiosity I called her to ask why after all these years she felt comfortbale trusting me with such amounts of money.Her response was, alot has changed about you over the years. There’s much more purpose, maturity, groundedness to whatever your trying to do with your life. Even if you lost that money, I’d know you did trying to gain something not because you just went and squandered it. You have earned my acknowledgement over time.When you build value around yourself it becomes much more easier for people to associate with you, work with you and support your journey. so don’t neglect the biggest project you’ll ever work on, YOU!
Jaluum Herberts Luwizza is a Speaker,Writer, Columnist with the C.E.O Magazine and Contributor with the Nile Post.He is also a Business Consultant with YOUNG TREP East Africa’s No.1 Business Management and Consultancy firm that helps people start and grow profitable businesses.
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